Cwac Cwacs Swim | Meet The Team
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Meet The Team

Hi I’m Matthew

I am the Owner along with my Sister Danielle and am the head instructor here at CWAC CWAC’s – I can teach in Both Welsh and English.

My aim is to make sure you all feel happy and at home in our fun and imaginative lessons.

Here at CWAC CWAC’s I encourage lots of free play time for you and your little ones to gain confidence together. I want it to be as special as possible and want to give you that crucial one to one time to bond and play.

I will also include lots of games and songs both in Welsh and English to keep even the most adventurous of our little ones entertained.

Safety and water confidence is essential within our action packed lessons to enable you to relax and enjoy what the pool environment has to offer.

I’m always here to help or advise, so don’t be shy, any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Hi I’m Danielle

I am the Owner along with Matthew and am a newly qualified Baby and Pre-school Teacher that can Teach in both Welsh and English.

I run the day to day operations of the business, I’m here to help in anyway I can to make your swimming journey be as fun and rewarding as possible. I’m always on hand to help with any questions and for advice.

You will see me around during your lessons either as an assistant, Lifeguard or sometimes just to come and see how your little ones are getting on!

My aim is to help make you all feel at home and part of our Cwac Cwac family.

Hi I’m Emily

I am a fully qualified Baby and Pre-school Teacher here at CWAC CWACS. I Absolutely love what I do and am looking to further my knowledge, learn new skills and develop my practices.

I have 3 beautiful children who all speak Welsh I am not a fluent Welsh speaker, but I know a little and am learning 🙂

I cant wait to meet you and your little ones and be apart of their swimming journey.

Hi I’m Charlie

I am fully Qualified in Teaching all aspects of swimming, with 10 years experience and  I wouldn’t  want to do anything else!

A passion of mine is also working with and teaching children with special needs. My experience has also included being the Swim Development Officer at the Serennu Children’s Centre in Newport as well as teaching swimming lessons there also.

Interested in attending one of our classes?

We run a number of classes 5 days a week. If you’re interested in attending then you can see all the classes by clicking on the link below.


about us

We have 5 children between us ranging in ages from 11months to 10years old and are a close family looking to achieve a warm and friendly, welcoming experience for all who join in our extended family at CWAC CWACS.

We are passionate about inspiring our water babies and Toddlers to gain water confidence and learn valuable life saving skills from birth with our fun, imaginative and interactive bilingual lessons